I wrap up 2022’s wins and forge ahead into the new year with this thought — every company is only as good as its people; and thankfully for us, we have nothing short of the best. 

Every year, I am tasked by our Content team to put together a blog post that recounts our wins the year before. This year, I decided to do things differently and celebrate the wins of every FoodNewser. No good work from FoodNews is possible without each of these talented individuals. I hope you can get acquainted with them through this introduction and join me in applauding their achievements in 2022.

P.s. We are looking to expand our PR Team. Drop me a note at ivy@foodnews.com.sg if you know someone. 


Ariel, the rising superstar

Ariel (middle in photo) joined us as an intern fresh out of school and right into the pandemic. For two years, she toiled behind her screen. But even behind Zoom windows, she was able to impress the team with her diligence, intuitiveness, and confidence. In September last year, after a mere 1.5 years, she earned a promotion to become the youngest Account Manager in the history of FoodNews. Today, Ariel deals with F&B clients across the region from Singapore to Thailand and soon, Vietnam. She is also our primary lead on all work related to the 50 Best brand. We are so proud of her and cannot wait to see her continued growth with FoodNews. If you are looking for a reliable and always-on regional PR specialist, reach out to her at ariel.tay@foodnews.com.sg.


Chihiro a.k.a. ChiHERO

The baby on the team, but a hero to be reckoned with. Since Chihiro joined us in mid-2022, she has churned out countless campaign logos and key visuals, styled many food photos and endured the equivalent of many sleepless nights. Despite the demands of her role, Chihiro’s positivity and proactivity remain uninhibited and contagious. Her greatest achievement was difficult to pin down. So, for this post, I decided to ask her which has been her proudest design to date. She replied unassumingly, “Wah. Hmmm. I think it’s The Great Steak Escape”, a Campaign which we delivered end-to-end for Aussie Beef & Lamb by Meat & Livestock Australia. For the record Chihiro, we think all your work is great, including the latest key visual for Singapore Cocktail Festival 2023 (more updates coming soon!). Need some design work done for your venue? Reach out to Hero at chihiro@foodnews.com.sg. You can also reach out to her if you want a table at the super cool yakitori restaurant, Bincho. Hero’s Dad is the chef there. 


Christabel, the “Eh-cellent” one 

Aside from our recent trip to Vietnam to meet with chef Sam Aisbett for his upcoming restaurant, Bel (far right) and I connected best over the Korean reality series, Singles Inferno. Christabel, I thought would be a wishful hire, because her last role was at a large and reputable MNC. I knew there was something special about this young lady when she unknowingly addressed me as “Eh” in one of the interviews. Some employers might have judged immediately, but I knew from that moment that I can always trust Bel for honest, non-filtered feedback. In the last seven months with FoodNews, I would say her biggest achievement is leading on not one but three key accounts from the get-go. By the way, Bel also has an amazing palate and performs super well when it comes to conversations surrounding food. If you are looking for someone to tell your food stories, email her at christabel@foodnews.com.sg.

Elsen, the lone ranger in black

A Japanese culture lover who loves the colour black and watches REA(L) Love. Other than his ability to produce great photos and videos, that’s all we know about Elsen, our in-house Creative Producer. Elsen joined us in mid-2022 and was ushered into the deep end with five straight days of photoshoots for Melbourne Brunch Festival; a Campaign served up by Global Victoria. Although he carried jitters under that all-cool surface, he delivered the visuals and video flawlessly. His greatest achievement last year? Aside from surviving a whole team of ladies, I’d say it is the series of Taste of Tradition videos. If you are looking for some great shots or a video for your new menu or venue, drop Elsen a note at elsen@foodnews.com.sg.


Julianna, the talent hunter 

Julianna first joined us as an intern many years ago and returned to the FoodNews family last year. Bringing her experience in content production, Julianna quickly and naturally became an expert in working with content creators, from A-list to micro-influencers. Less than a year into her role as Content Producer on the team, Julianna is now our Culinary Community Lead, launching our very own Culinary Community Management arm. Our starting cohort of talents includes Annette Tan (@fatfuku), Sarah Benjamin Huang (@sarahhuangbenjamin), Charlotte Mei (@thecharlottemei), Charlotte Kwok (@chockywoky) and Sha (@nomadetteats). If you are looking for recommendations and ideas on the best use of culinary content creators, reach out to Julianna at julianna@foodnews.com.sg.


Priyanka, the super trooper

A bit of a backstory on Priyanka. For years, we have been trying to get her on board the team, but she rejected us more than once. The third time was a charm and in 2022, she finally conceded and took on the role of Content Lead with us at FoodNews. Unfortunately, we lost two-thirds of the Content team right after, thanks to the Great Resignation. With a new job to navigate and a team to put together (quickly), this trooper took everything in her stride and has delivered some of our best works since (Power to Priyanka!). If you have any Content or Creative needs or want information on our Restaurant & Bar Starter Kit (a one-stop marketing package for new restaurants and bars), email her at priyanka@foodnews.com.sg.


Shasha, the Queen Bee

Not the Gossip Girl sorta Queen B, but Shasha deserves the crown because she is gracious like royalty and the longest-serving member at FoodNews. Over the years, Shasha has given her best work to FoodNews and continues to do so as Team Lead for the Communications team. One of her biggest achievements in the last year would be to produce a “Raising the Bar” playbook for Marriott International. For weeks from Singapore to Bali (sorry, Sha) and back, Shasha compiled her depth of knowledge into a simple playbook, sharing best practices on reputation-building for a world-class bar. Shasha’s inclination for all things spirited also earned her an upcoming new role on the team. Keep your ears peeled, as she brings to life the first Spirit of Craft Awards in Asia. If you want to get your craft spirits into Asia, reach out to Shasha at shasha@foodnews.com.sg.


And that wraps up the team’s achievements for 2022, foodie folks! We are looking forward to a brand new year with everyone.

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